How can a plastic fork be formed

September 26,2021

Have you ever thought about the life of a plastic fork? How did it come into the world? And how did it go in the end? What can we do? Let’s have a talk about the above questions.


Plastic forks are widely found in our daily life as well as other plastic products. As long as you order a take out food or eat at a cafe you will acquire a free plastic fork. They are disposable which means they spend the most of their life time traveling and waiting for decomposing(only referring to the compostable disposable forks).


Its life begins in the Middle East, as we all know, there abound in petroleum which is the raw material of plastic forks. And then they were processed in India, and birthed in China. Pass through the sea to visit California and Hawaii. Finally, they were sent in your hand coming with the take out food.


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The first station


Forks start out as petroleum which extracts out of a deep place somewhere in the Middle East.


The second station


They were transported into somewhere in India. People pour them into a refinery and soon the crude oil came into plastic pellets.


The third station


Chinese people bought the plastic pellets and they melted the pellets down. They possess a strong machine, which could turn the melted pellets into various shape such as injection molding machine for disposable knife. And then they put them into a injection molding machine for disposable fork inject and cooling them with a cold shower. Plastic forks were born!



The forth station


Bunches of forks are packed snuggly into boxes and sent across the Pacific for their first journey to the Americas.


The fifth station


The transport carried the forks was received in a port on the west coast where a car carried these forks away to a factory in California. Restaurants ordered a large number of plastic forks form that factory, so they would be soon lying on the box of this restaurant waiting someone to pick them.


The sixth station


You had ordered a take out food so someone picked the little fork out of this box and placed into a take-out bag.


The seventh station


The foreign fork traveling from a so far place started to fulfill its value, to shovel food into your mouth which could be lasting 20-30 minutes. After finishing your meal, it would be thrown into the trashcan.


The eighth station


From the garbage truck in front of your apartment, an NYC Department of Sanitation vehicle will pick Frankie up. It will dump them at a transfer site, where trash and recyclables are sorted before being sent to exotic destinations like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Virginia waiting for decomposing into chemical particles.


This is the life of a luckier plastic fork than most because most plastic forks are consumed in their birth place or the same country. But in view of this, we can learn that the economic globalization has changed our traditional producing way and connects several countries to manufacturing a product in jointly just like a assembly line. It is said that what is rational is actual and what is actual is rational so this way would create more profits and narrow more costs to make all the members achieve win-win.


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