What factors increase the demand for injection molding machines?

October 08,2021

In recent years, the demand for injection molding machines has increased. According to the database statistics of China Commercial Industry Research Institute, the output of plastic products in China reached 54.735 million tons from January to April 2021, a year-on-year increase of 28%.


Plastic products are the general name of domestic and industrial products processed with plastic as the main raw material. Including plastic injection molding, blister and other products with all processes. Plastic processing includes injection molding, extrusion, blow molding and other forming processes, among which injection molding is the most important part of plastic processing industry.


The most common injection molding processes for plastic molding include: injection molding , blow molding and extrusion molding. Injection molding process is the most basic production mode of the whole plastic processing industry, providing products for office equipment, automobile industry, medical devices, household appliances, food, etc.


At present, China is the largest consumer market of injection molding machines in the Asia Pacific region, and its market value is expected to reach US $3.71 billion in 2025. What are the main factors affecting the growth of injection molding machine market demand? The following topics will be discussed from the aspects of medical treatment, automobile and 5G mobile phone.


Epidemic prevention has been normalized


Under the influence of the global epidemic in early 2020, a large number of nucleic acid testing has led to a surge in relevant medical consumables. In addition, in order to ensure vaccination, we have begun to increase the reserves of syringes, medicine bottles and other relevant medical consumables around the world, and the market demand for medical consumables related to syringes, nucleic acid testing and other products will also surge. In the injection molding production of medical appliances, especially disposable medical consumables have a wide variety, different performance and functions, which accurately match all kinds of application cases.


As far as the injection molding machine is concerned, a small injection molding machine is composed of multiple components such as needle cylinder, core rod, needle cap and needle seat, which requires the injection molding machine to be compatible with complex mold processing, and has high requirements for the cleanliness of production. Nasopharyngeal swab sampling and preservation tubes, 96 well enzyme label plates, pipettes, Petri dishes and even vaccine syringes are mostly injection molding products. Due to the surge in market demand for medical consumables, the sales volume of injection molding machines in the medical industry this year has increased rapidly.


Petri dish


The process of automobile lightweight is accelerated


In recent years, with the needs of environmental protection and energy saving, both fuel vehicles and new energy electric vehicles have shown a lightweight trend. The so-called vehicle lightweight refers to reducing the overall weight of the vehicle as much as possible on the premise of ensuring the strength and safety performance of the vehicle, so as to improve the power of the vehicle and reduce fuel consumption and gas emissions.


Plastic has the characteristics of light weight, easy molding, strong corrosion resistance and elastic deformation. Increasing the use of plastic parts in the whole vehicle can reduce the cost and weight of the whole vehicle and increase the effective load of the vehicle.


5G mobile phone case becomes a hot product in the smartphone market


With the system, chip, terminal and other industrial chains gradually reaching the commercial level, the 5g era of interconnection of all things is leveraging the development of the world with a new generation of communication technology. One of the representative products of 5g era is 5g smart phone, and its complementary product 5g mobile phone case has also become a hot product in the market. As the 5g mobile phone is "threatening", its mobile phone shell has higher requirements for signal interference, and the traditional metal frame has a great impact on signal transmission. Therefore, the 5g mobile phone shell will be completely replaced by new materials such as plastic or ceramic in the future. At present, the 5g mobile phone shell is injected with modified PC. in order to overcome the rainbow pattern, injection molding process and ceramic powder injection molding are adopted.


injection molding machine


According to customs statistics, the total import and export of plastic machinery in Chinese mainland in the 1 quarter of 2021 was 1 billion 344 million US dollars, up 42.56% from the same period last year. Among them, the import value was US $487 million, a year-on-year increase of 22.63%, and the export value was US $857 million, a year-on-year increase of 57.07%. Relying on the price advantage of domestic injection molding machines, it is expected to further expand the market share of domestic injection molding machine companies in the global market by improving production technology and product quality, and the export volume of domestic injection molding machines will continue to increase. The huge demand of overseas market will contribute to the sustainable development of China's injection molding machine industry.


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