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September 29,2021

We know that injection molding machine is able to produce all kinds of plastic production, but do you know which types of plastic is used for injection molding machine for plastic fruit basket? If you want to know, you’ve come to the right place. The following are several types of plastic materials including material for injection molding machine for plastic fruit basket.

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Seven types of plastic material

Plastic materials are divided into 7 categories. They are PET, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, PP, PS and OTHER.



It is often used to make mineral water bottles, cola beverage bottles, fruit juice bottles, screen protective films and other transparent protective films. It is usually colorless and transparent. Because it can only heat up to 70 ℃, this beverage bottle is only suitable for cold and warm drinks. When it is filled with high-temperature liquid (such as hot boiled water) or heated, it is easy to deform and dissolve substances harmful to human body. And this kind of plastic product may release carcinogens after 10 months of use, which is toxic to human body.



It is suitable for food and medicine, cleaning products and bath product bottles, yogurt bottles, chewing gum bottles, shopping bags, garbage cans, agricultural tubes, cup holders, car obstacles, playground equipment and composite plastic wood. At present, most of the plastic bags used in supermarkets and shopping malls are made of this material, which can withstand 110 ℃ high temperature. The plastic bags marked for food can be used to contain food. HDPE is widely used in all kinds of translucent and opaque plastic containers with thick hand feel.



Now it is mostly used to make some cheap artificial leather, foot mats, sewer pipes, raincoats, PVC plastic conduits, plastic switches, sockets, etc. Because of its good electrical performance and certain flame retardant characteristics, it is widely used in the manufacture of wire and cable sheath. In addition, PVC is widely used in industrial fields, especially in places with high requirements for acid and alkali corrosion resistance.



All kinds of containers, dosing bottles, bottle washing, piping and all kinds of molded laboratory equipment, plastic film and fresh-keeping film, hose packaging of toothpaste or facial cleanser, paper milk boxes, beverage boxes and other packaging boxes use it as internal film. It is mainly used for plastic film and other appliances, and should not be used as a beverage container.



Secondary fruit juice, beverage cup, plastic dinner plate, Locke fresh-keeping box, etc. The microwave oven lunch box is made of this material, which can withstand high temperature of 130 ℃ and has poor transparency. It is the only plastic box that can be put into the microwave oven and can be reused after careful cleaning. PP has high hardness and glossy surface. PP is also widely used, such as packaging, toys, washbasin, bucket, clothes hanger, water cup, bottle and so on.



Fast food boxes, cheap transparent products, foam plastics, desk accessories, self-service pallets, food utensils, toys, video cassette, Yakult bottles, ice cream boxes, instant noodles bowls, partitions and foam polystyrene products. It is divided into two types: foaming and non foaming: foaming is commonly used foam plastic lunch box. Not foamed, such as a yogurt bottle. There are white marks on the light folding without foaming, which can usually be torn by hand.



It is synthesized from bisphenol A and diphenyl carbonate. It is commonly used in the manufacture of kettle, transparent water cup, milk bottle, drinking bucket, CD substrate, lens and lampshade. In the process of making PC, the raw material bisphenol A should completely become a plastic structural component and should not be released in use. However, unqualified products cannot do so. A small part of bisphenol A will not be fully transformed into plastic and will be released into food in case of heat, which is harmful to children and fetus. At present, the most common water cup material is used by many department stores and automobile manufacturers as gifts.


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