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September 29,2021

With the development of take-out food, there is an increasing large demand for disposable fork which also means the larger demand for the injection molding machine for disposable fork. But operating the big guy is very dangerous because of its high speed and high pressure. So let’s have a look how to operate it safely.


As a hydraulic system with high voltage, mechanical movement, high pressure and high speed, the safety protection must not be careless when operating. NINGBO LISONG INJECTION MOLDING TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD has a rich experience in manufacturing injection molding machine, also in the operation of this machine.


injection molding machine for disposable fork


Operation flow of injection molding machine


Injection molding machine is usually composed of injection system, mold clamping system, hydraulic transmission system, electrical control system, lubrication system, heating and cooling system, safety monitoring system, etc.


The operation flow of injection molding machine is as follows:


The startup operation


  1. Turn on the main power supply first, then turn on the machine power supply and unscrew the red panic button on the operation panel.
  2. When the manufacturer's data is displayed on the display screen, press the number key or the screen selection key to enter the manual state.
  3. Confirm the setting of each molding condition (such as temperature, pressure, speed, etc.).
  4. Check whether the raw materials are consistent with the requirements of the products to be produced, and check and confirm the dehumidification time; After confirming that there is no difference, turn on the electric heating switch and heat it; At this time, observe whether the temperature display on the display screen is abnormal. If the temperature rises too fast or does not rise, the problems should be solved in time. If they cannot be solved, they must be reflected to the supervisor on duty in time.
  5. Start the machine motor, check whether all actions (including opening and closing the mold, thimble, etc.) are normal, whether all moving parts are lubricated, clean up the oil stain on the surface of the mold cavity, and check whether the mold cooling system is unblocked; Change unreasonable process parameters and prepare for trial production.
  6. After the temperature of the barrel reaches the set value, use the functions of glue injection and glue melting to extrude the original residual materials in the barrel until the new materials are extruded. The extruded new materials should have luster, no impurities, no black spots, no burning and no bubbles; At the same time, the nozzle should not be blocked when injecting glue.
  7. After confirming each process condition again, close the safety door, and then close the mold. After confirming that the high-pressure position reaches, enter the injection pedestal manually.
  8. After confirming that the nozzle is completely matched with the mold gate, align the knob on the machine with the limit switch.
  9. Open the safety door, press the semi-automatic button, and close the safety door again for trial production.
  10. After confirming that the products are qualified and the production process is no different, enter normal production!


The shutdown operation


  1. When the machine is ready to stop or change the mold, close the feed inlet of the hopper 10-30 minutes in advance according to the actual situation.
  2. When the remaining materials in the barrel are finished, switch to manual operation mode and retreat the injection table.
  3. If it is PVC, POM or non-black material added with fireproof agent, use screw cleaning material to clean it in time. Shoot the remaining materials in the barrel, and place the screw at the front end of the barrel, and the reserved position is about 5mm.
  4. After confirming that there is no foreign matter in the mold, spray a layer of uniform antirust agent on the surface of the cavity.
  5. Close the safety door and put the mold in a semi-closed state (the gap between the mold surface is about 20mm); And closing the cooling system of the mold.
  6. Turn off the electric heating and motor switches, then turn off the machine power supply and total power supply, and clean the machine and workplace!


 Matters needing attention


  1. Take good care of the machine and prohibit barbaric operation! Do not climb or climb over the machine at will!
  2. Do a good job in daily spot check and daily maintenance of equipment, and solve any abnormality in time.
  3. It is forbidden to use steel tools to contact the surface of mold cavity and knock the mold! If this kind of operation is needed, red copper soft tools should be used; If you need to contact the cavity, it should be operated by professionals.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to operate the seat to impact the fixed mold when the mold is open.
  5. Remember to close the safety protection door (including front and rear doors) at any time after the operation is completed.
  6. It is strictly forbidden to extend the head into the middle of the open mold during the operation of the machine, such as manually picking up parts and repairing the mold.
  7. The safety shield must be closed when returning materials, and stay away from the nozzle as far as possible; Do not directly pinch the newly shot new material by hand.
  8. Turn off the machine motor and corresponding power supply when repairing the machine and mold, and take protective measures!


Note: Every operator must have safety awareness, and report to the relevant supervisor in time when the abnormal process or equipment cannot be handled on site!


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