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September 29,2021

How can we order a good paint bucket mold?


To order high-quality paint bucket molds, we must choose a mold company carefully. Most mold companies can produce, but to produce good paint bucket molds, we know that there are not many such mold companies. If you want to know the quality of the paint bucket molds they produce, please ask the mold company the following questions:


1. Cycle period of paint bucket mould?


2.How long does the paint bucket mold last?


3. Is the wall thickness of the paint bucket uniform?


4. How do they produce paint bucket molds to make the bucket light and strong?


5. How to achieve high sealing performance? After being filled with water, it is resistant to fall, pressure and no leakage.


6. How to make your paint bucket polishing lasting?


Next, I will tell you: What are the injection molding processes of paint bucket molds?


The injection molding processes for paint bucket molds


  • 💡Paint bucket mold injection process: injection pressure


The injection pressure is guaranteed by the hydraulic system of the injection molding system. Through the screw of the injection molding machine, the pressure of the hydraulic cylinder is transmitted to the plastic melt. The plastic melt is pressed into the vertical channel and enters the main channel of the metal mold. Then you enter the tool cabinet through the gate. The pressure exists to overcome the resistance in the melt flow process. On the contrary, the resistance in the flow process must be balanced by the pressure of the injection molding machine to ensure the smooth progress of the filling process.


  • 💡Paint bucket mold injection process: injection time


The injection time recorded here refers to the time required for the plastic melt to fill the cavity, plus auxiliary time such as opening and closing the mold, the injection time is relatively short, and it has little effect on the molding cycle. However, the setting of the injection time has a great influence on the pressure adjustment of the door, the base groove and the cavity. The appropriate injection time helps to fill the molten resin optimally, improve the product surface and reduce the size tolerance.


  • 💡Paint bucket mold injection process: injection temperature


The injection temperature is an important factor affecting the injection pressure. The barrel of the injection molding machine has 5-6 heating parts. Each raw material has a suitable processing temperature. The injection temperature must be within if a specific temperature is too low, the melt plasticity is insufficient, which affects the quality of the molded part and increases the difficulty of the process. In the actual injection molding process, the injection temperature is often higher than the pipe temperature. The high value depends on the injection speed and material properties, and it can reach 30℃. This is due to the high heat generated by the shear when the melt passes through the injection port.


  • 💡Paint bucket mold injection process: holding pressure and time


At the end of the injection molding process, the screw rotates and just moves forward. At this time, the injection molding enters the pressure holding stage. At the same time as the pressure is maintained, the injection molding machine nozzle continuously supplies material to the cavity to match the shrinkage rate of the molded product. If the pressure is maintained, the molded product will shrink by about 25%. The most important thing is that excessive shrinkage will cause shrinkage on the ribs. The holding pressure is usually 85% of the maximum filling pressure. Of course, it depends on the actual situation.


  • 💡Paint bucket mold injection process: back pressure


Back pressure refers to the pressure that the screw must overcome when it is reversed and disassembled. The use of high back pressure can promote the dispersion of paint materials and the melting of plastics, but the pulling time of the screw becomes longer, the plastic fiber becomes shorter, and the pressure of the injection molding machine becomes higher. Some injection molding machines can be programmed to back pressure to compensate for the reduction in screw length during the melting process. This will reduce the heat input and lower the temperature. However, since it is difficult to measure the results of such changes, it is not easy to adjust the machine accordingly.


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