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September 29,2021

Whether it is used to hold fruits or other foods, plastic boxes are widely used in our daily lives. But do you know how the plastic box is made? The molding of the plastic box is inseparable from the role of the injection molding machine for plastic box. So how to operate an injection molding machine for plastic box and what are its advantages?


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The Benefits of Injection Molding Machine


💗 Mass production

Plastic injection molding is just one of the fastest manufacturing procedures on the planet, offering itself well to automation.

A injection molding cycle typically takes less than a minute as well as can sometimes only be a couple of seconds. Incorporate the quick cycle time with the truth that each cycle can produce multiple parts, and the result can be rather significant.

💗 In-depth Attributes and Complex Geometry

The injection molds are subjected to extremely high pressure. As a result the plastic within the mold and mildews is pressed harder versus the mold compared to any other molding process. Because of this excessively high pressure, it is feasible to include a large quantity of details into the style of the component.

Additionally, as a result of high pressure throughout the molding process, complicated and also intricate shapes can easily be designed and also made which or else would certainly have been too challenging and also expensive to make.

💗 Save Production Expenses

Plastic injection molding is a computerized procedure. A bulk of the injection molding machine for plastic box is performed by makers and also robotics which a sole operator can regulate and manage. Automation assists to decrease manufacturing costs, as the expenses are considerably minimized. In addition, with decreased labor force the total cost of making the components is decreased and also this price saving can easily be handed down to the customer.

In addition, automation enables making precise and precise shot mold and mildews. Computer aided design as well as computer system assisted production allow close tolerances throughout the production of the mold.


Operation Tips of Injection Molding Machine


  • Before operating the injection molding machine, check whether there is water or oil in the electrical control box. If the electrical appliance is damp, do not turn it on. Wait for the maintenance personnel to dry the electrical parts before turning on the machine.


  • Before the operation of the injection molding machine, check whether the power supply voltage is consistent, and generally should not exceed ±6%.


  • Check the emergency stop switch, check whether the front and rear safety door switches are normal. Verify that the rotation direction of the motor and the oil pump are the same.


  • Check whether the cooling pipelines are unblocked for long distances, and pass cooling water into the oil cooler and the cooling water jacket at the end of the barrel.


  • Before the operation of the injection molding machine, check whether there is lubricating oil in each movable part, and add enough lubricating oil.


  • Turn on the electric heater to heat each section of the barrel. When the temperature of each section reaches the requirements, keep it warm for a period of time to stabilize the temperature of the machine. The holding time varies according to the requirements of different equipment and plastic materials.


  • Add enough plastic in the hopper. According to the requirements of different plastics for injection molding, some raw materials are best to be dried first.


  • It is necessary to cover the heat shield on the barrel, so as to save energy and extend the life of the heating coil and current contactor.


With the continuous development of injection molding technology, the types of injection molding machines have been subdivided into many types. Injection molding machine for plastic box is one of them.


China's injection molding machinery has not only made great progress in mid-end machinery, but also made breakthroughs in high-end machine tools, and its market share has gradually expanded. Ningbo Lisong Injection Molding Technology Company continues to improve its professional skills, striving to bring customers better products.


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