Ningbo Lisong Injection Molding Technology Co., Ltd

Ningbo Lisong Injection Molding Technology Co., Ltd. is locatedin West Road of Tanjialing, Yuyao City. The transportation is convenient5-minute drive from Yuyao exit of Hangzhou-Ningbo highway. The existingproduction plant covers an area of 26,000 square meters and is dedicated tohigh-speed precision injection molding machine, injection molding systemcontrol, automation system framework and safety, injection molding artificialintelligence and industrial 4.0 development and its application. Company to technological innovation as the driving force, by thenational one thousand plan experts leading domestic technology research anddevelopment team, introduction of a batch of worked at HUSKY, KBASE INC, asenior technical talent, lead the company technology innovation and developingfrontier markets. At the same time, relying on Canada's pioneering enterprises,industrial automation control in high speed precision injection moldingequipment automation, factory automation and other fields of the injectionmolding machine application field for injection molding machine from globalcustomers to provide professional system solutions and intelligent automationsolutionas a whole.

Year Established
Total Employees
101~200 Persons
Registered Capital
USD3000 Million
Business Type
Annual Output Value
USD50197745.17 Million
Total Export Revenue
USD1609346.65 Million
Export Percentage
Main Markets
Average Lead Time
45 day
Export License No.
Payment Currency
Payment Type
Main Products
manufacturing &processing of injection molding machines and automation equipment, molds,etc.

LISONG adopts medium inertia single-cylinder injection molding mechanism, compact structure, fast injection starting speed, maximum linear speed can be exceeded 1000mm/s, high injection precision; During the rotation of the screw, the injection cylinder piston does not rotate, and the injection cylinder oil seal has better sealing performance and no leakage in the cylinder which makes the injection start and stop position control more sensitive and accurate, and improves the injection accuracy and product repeatability. Low maintenance cost。 


The screw L/D ratio is lengthened and the design of high mixing and high plasticization is adopted, and the plasticization is stable and the mixing is more uniform, and the efficiency is improved to ensure efficient production. 

Ningbo Lisong Injection Molding Technology Co., Ltd

No.689,Tanjialing west road,Yuyao city,Zhejiang Province,China