Injection molding machine for plastic toys

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Strong power
Quick responsiveness
Stable and controllable injection
High rigidity clamping mechanism
Special high effciency screw
Automation integration solution


Ningbo LiSong Injection Technology Co.,Ltd.     FA 580
Model description                    580/830-4500
International size description       5800-4500
Clamping unit                  580/830
Clamping force                     [KN] 5800
Locking force                     [KN] 6380
Max.mould opening strocke         [mm] 820
Min.mould height                   [mm] 300
Max.mould height          [mm] 850
Max.daylight [mm] 1670
Mould platen(h x v) [mm] 1245x1165
Distance between tie bars(h x v) [mm] 830x750
Ejection stroke [mm] 180
Ejection force [KN] 130
Injection unit     4500
Screw diameter [mm] 85 90 100
Screw geometry   special
L/D ratio   21.1 20 18
Spec.injection pressure [bar] 1910 1702 1380
Max.cylinder head volume [cm³] 2383 2672 3299
Max.shot weight(PS) [g] 2169 2432 3002
Max.Rate of injection    
>without accumulator [cm³/s] 948 1062 1312
Injection Speed    
Under 1000bar injection pressure  
>without accumulator [mm/s] 167 167 167
Plasticising rate(PS)    
>motor 1(120bar)2) [g/s] 65.4 71.8 86.5
Max.screw stroke [mm] 420 420 420
Max.nozzle dipping depth(SVO) [mm] 50
Hopper capacity [ltr.] 110
General data     580/830-4500
Oil tank capacity [ltr.] 720
lnstalled electrical rating    
>pump [≈ KW] 63.5+53.5
>heating capacity of screw cylinder [≈ KW] 44.5
>capacity with electr drive [KW] 161.5
Net weight(without oil) [≈ Kg] 23300
Machine dimensions(lxwxh) [≈ m] 9.0x2.2x2.4

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Types of High Quality Injection Molding Machine


When we should choose injection molding machine according to the characteristics of the products. Injection Molding machine includes vertical injection molding machine, horizontal injection molding machine, and angular injection molding machine


1. Vertical Injection Molding Machine

The injection device of the vertical injection molding machine and the axis of the clamping device are on the same straight line and perpendicular to the horizontal level.


Vertical injection molding machine has many advantages. It is small and its mold is easy to disassemble and assemble. It also has disadvantages. Its body is relatively high. And the stability of the vertical injection molding machine is not good. It usually depends on manual pick-up, which is not easy to realize fully automated operation. It mostly used for small injection molding machines with relatively small injection volume.


2. Horizontal Injection Molding Machine

Horizontal injection molding machine has short body and good stability. It is convenient to operate and maintain  horizontal injection molding machine. Horizontal injection molding machines are widely used. They are suitable for large, medium and small products. Horizontal injection molding machine is the basic form of injection molding machines in China and abroad.


3. Angular Injection Molding Machine

The advantages and disadvantages of the angular injection molding machine are between the vertical and horizontal injection molding machines. They are commonly used by many companies.


Injection molding machine for plastic toys: Toys are an important partner for everyone in their childhood. As people pay more and more attention to the issue of child training, the prospects of the toy market are getting broader. Most of the toy shells are made of plastic. In the production of raw materials, injection molding process is generally used to make plastic toy shells. Injection molding machines are mechanical equipment that realizes injection molding process. Traditional injection molding machines are bulky, heavy, and complex in structure, which is not conducive to transportation and installation. The material is melted directly, and then injected into the mold through the injection molding device. When the material is melted, air is often mixed into the molten material, which makes the molten material contain bubbles. It is easy to cause cracks or cavities in the product during injection molding, which increases the number of waste products and improves Reduce costs and reduce work efficiency.


But for producing plastic toys, Which type of high quality injection molding machine should we use?


Small plastic toys are very common in our daily life, such as plastic building blocks, cartoon characters and animals, etc. These have a very good improvement for children's thinking and enlightenment. Especially common in kindergartens, the overall market demand is high. Due to the use of various plastic materials for the injection of various figures or plastic animals, in order to be able to use in the widest range, we recommend a vertical injection molding machine for injection molding. If you think that the injection efficiency of the vertical injection molding machine is not high, we would customize it according to your special needs. We can all make special customized models according to different injection efficiency, injection color and injection size.


If you are looking for a professional bulk customized wholesale buy high quality Injection molding machine for plastic toys wholesaler,manufacturer,supplier,factory,exporter for sale.


We hope be your first choice, please feel free to contact us.


bulk customized wholesale buy high quality Injection molding machine for plastic toys wholesaler,manufacturer,supplier,factory,exporter for sale

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